1. Download and Install iKeyMonitor
  2. Open Safari and enter “http://localhost:8888” to configure iKeyMonitor
  3. Reboot the device if you can’t open the page then try to enter http://locahost:8888 again


iKeyMonitor has 3-day free trial. After trial, iKeyMonitor will stop working. To continue using it, please buy a License Key. Launch Safari and enter the address: http://localhost:8888 Enter your license key and touch Register.


iKeyMonitor starts logging immediately after install. You can enable optional functions per your requirements.

1. Receive Logs via Email -Send logs to your email box for remote viewing

  1. Check the option “Send Email every XXX minutes”
  2. Configure your Email sending as below and touch and Save Settings
  3. Click Test Email to check if the email setting is successful
Settings for Gmail
Send to Email address SMTP smtp.gmail.com
Username Gmail address Password Gmail password
Port: 587 SSL Yes
Settings for Hotmail
Send to Email address SMTP smtp.live.com
Username Hotmail address Password Hotmail password
Port 587 SSL Yes
Settings for AOL Mail
Send to Email address SMTP smtp.aol.com
Username AOL Mail address Password AOL password
Port 587 SSL No
  • The email sending interval must be more than 15 minutes or your email may be suspended by your ISP due to abuse.
  • If the device goes into standby mode during the log email sending, the session will be stopped due to no Internet.

2. Set Protective Password – Prevent unauthorized log viewing or setting modifying.

The Password Protection is disabled by default. Please follow steps below to enable it and change a password. Check the option “Protect the keylogger with Password” Enter a new password and tap Save Settings.

3. Security and Stealth -Hide Cydia icon and change iKeyMonitor access URL.

You can enhance the security and stealth by hiding Cydia icon and customizing the access URL in case that others find iKeyMonitor. Please follow steps below:

  • Touch the Advance Settings button on lower left of the page
  • Check the option of Hide Jailbreak Info(Cydia)
  • Set a port number after “Change URL to http://localhost:” and Save Settings


  • To unhide Cydia icon, please simply log in iKeyMonitor and uncheck this option.
  • To open Cydia without unhiding it, please simply open Safari and enter “Cydia://” to access it.
  • You can only use numbers between 1024 and 65534 as customized access URL.

4. Capture Screenshots -Everything can be recorded by taking screenshots of the screen.

  1. Check “Capture Screenshots every XXX m XXX s” to set an interval.
  2. Touch Save Settings

5. Choose Preferred Language – Change the interface language of iKeyMonitor

  1. Touch the Advance Settings button on lower left of the page
  2. Tap on the drop-down menu beside “Select your preferred”
  3. Choose the preferred language and Save Settings