For users with iOS 7, please follow the guide below:

  1. If the target device is upgraded from iOS 4/5/6 to iOS 7 and iKeyMonitor was installed on the device before, use the customized port to access iKeyMonitor.
  2. If you just jailbroke the device, open Cydia, search for “Cydia Substrate” and upgrade it to latest version.
  3. Then search for “iKeyMonitor” and reinstall it. Please DO NOT reboot the device after reinstall iKeyMonitor and Cydia Substrate. Or you will need to repeat the previous steps again.
  4. Respringboard and try to use the full URL “http://localhost:8888” to access iKeyMonitor via Safari.

For users whose device is not with iOS 7, please follow the guide below instead:

Please make sure you “Restart the SpringBoard” after install.

  • If it doesn’t work after “Restart the Spring Board“, please reboot the device, wait for 10 seconds and try “http://localhost:8888“.
  • If the port number has been changed, please use the customized port in the URL.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi network, try to switch to 3G/2G or turn off Wi-Fi to see if it works.

If the tips above don’t help you out, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Cydia, search and install “iFile
  2. Tap to open “iFile” on device screen and navigate to directory:
  3. Scroll down and find the following two files: (xxx are 3 random numbers)
  4. Swap from right to left on each file to delete it.
  5. Reboot the device after the two files are deleted.
  6. Reinstall iKeyMonitor from Cydia:
    1. Launch Cydia and tap the “Manage” and “Packages” (touch “Installed” on iPad)
    2. Find and tap on the installed iKeyMonitor package.
    3. Touch the “Modify” button and choose “Reinstall“.
    4. Press “Confirm” and wait for Cydia to perform the operation.
    5. Please reboot the device to complete the reinstallation.
  7. After installation, please navigate to Safari and enter “http://localhost:8888” to access the keylogger.