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Why you should use a keylogger app

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a keylogger app, you’ll have an array of features and services you won’t want to be without. It operates quietly in the background, and when it comes to finding out the truth, iKeyMonitor makes that simple to do. Take a look at some of the great features it has to offer.

Easy to use

With iKeyMonitor for iPhone, you’ll be monitoring and reading more data than figuring out how to use the program. Follow some straightforward directions, install and sit back, relax and the data starts being collected. The iKeyMonitor keylogger app has a user friendly interface. You’ll have all the information laid out in an easy to read and centralized control panel.

Remote access

You can uninstall, turn on, turn off and remotely wipe your target device. You’ll be able to do these things from wherever you have internet and access to the control panel. The device doesn’t even have to be in your hand. This is especially useful if the phone or tablet is lost or stolen.

Social media monitoring

Chances are if you’re on the Internet, you’re on social media. iKeyMonitor for iPhone offers monitoring for the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Truth is you need to ensure your kids safety. With iKeyMonitor, your kids will be safe and you’ll have peace of mind.

Employee monitoring

Without monitoring your company’s phones and tablets, you run the risk of employees misusing their business tools. Making sure your investments are used appropriately should be a legitimate concern for any business owner. Your time is valuable. iKeyMonitor for iPhone makes sure it stays that way.

Upload the collected data using a Wi-Fi network

When information is uploaded, you don’t want to use all of your mobile data if you have a cap on the amount you can use. A lot of data can be uploaded if you’re using spy software. With the large amount of pictures and videos a single device can have, that means a lot of data is being sent over the network. You want to use Wi-Fi for that in most cases. With iKeyMonitor, you can set how to upload the information. You can choose to do it on schedules. You only need to go into user preferences. There you’ll be able to change the option, and the software will allow you to set schedules.

Upload pictures and videos to a web-based interface

Since a lot of multimedia files can’t be sent through email, you get access to a website where you can view all of that information. Just log in, as all the files will be accessible there. They are available for download at your convenience.

In the end, iKeyMonitor for iPhone is a stealth keylogging app. It runs quietly in the background. The app is also available for a select list of the Android phones or tablets. The best part is you don’t have to be technically savvy to use it.